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Terms and Conditions

1. General
For all the business following conclusions apply only sales and delivery terms. They are an integral part of the contract. Other conditions are not part of the contract, even if the buyer statements are attached. It is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

2. Order acceptance and delivery condition

By clicking on the button to send orders enter a binding order in the cart basket. The confirmation of receipt of the order follows immediately after submitting the order. Oral or other collective statements are only part of the contract, if they after confirming.
The delivery time is the item description below. Early partial deliveries and deliveries are allowed. The delivery time is appropriate to extend, if they result from circumstances which the seller does not foresee were not respected.
Serious changes in economic circumstances or entitle the seller free contract termination. The delivery is completed, the seller if the goods from the place of performance to their destination shipped.

3. Packaging, risk transfer and shipment

The seller is obliged to purchase the thing in commercially packaged way, and if necessary, to mark. The dispatch is made at the expense (unless otherwise agreed) to the buyer from the place of performance. The shipment, unless otherwise agreed, at the discretion of the seller.
The buyer is obliged to its contractual obligations to be met so that the seller to fulfill its obligation.
If the shipment of the goods upon request or because of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the seller delayed so is the day of the readiness of the risk to the buyer.
4th Prices Prices are in euros including VAT without discount and other discounts. There, the respective prices at the time of the order.

5. Payment
Bills are payable without deduction within 30 days after the invoice date. In excess of the target payment, the seller is entitled to interest at the bank rates on bank overdrafts, but at least 5% discount rate of the European Central Bank.
In consecutive payment arrears instructs the seller a collection agency to collect its receivables. The extra costs borne by the buyer. In late payments, the seller is entitled to additional contracts to the payment of compensation to resign.
For new customers, payment must be made in advance always, debit, cash on delivery or PayPal. About other payment options is to advance with the seller to agree.
As payment currency is the euro (€). A payment is only through interaction with my prior consent.
The limitation period for the purchase of claims is 2 years.
6th Retention of title
The delivered goods remain until the fulfillment of all payment obligations of the seller's property. Before full payment is a resale only maintain the ownership in the ordinary commercial transactions allowed. A pledge or security transfer of ownership to the buyer is not allowed. The buyer is responsible for an investigation and accountability on livestock and forming the consent claim.

7. Right at a distance contracts
The consumer iSd § 13 BGB stands at a distance contracts Right. Under the terms of the distance he has law within two weeks after receipt of the goods can enter the contract without justification to revoke. The revocation can be in written form or by returning the goods; period to preserve sufficient to send to our complaint handling:

Inh.: Sandra Jasmin Liebe
Barfüßer St. 09
06108 Halle / Saale

In exercising the right of the consumer to pay up to an order value of 40, - Euro, the rear-end costs. Returns have generally to be freed, the back-end costs (maximum height in a standard package shipment), then we have a basis of fair proof of purchase reimburse you. Impairment due to use by the consumer to repay, unless the reduction is only on the examination of the goods. Impairments can be avoided if the goods are handled carefully, and the installation of components only by authorized and trained technical personnel. Bulb are generally from e
xchange excluded.

8. Warranty
If delivered obvious material or manufacturing defect, including transport damages are, so please claim such errors immediately to us. The failure of this complaint, however, for your legal claims no consequences.
The defects are accurately described. Where applicable, the notification by deficiencies evidence records (photos, reports, records, etc.) to prove.
If the buyer is entitled to warranty claims, it granted the seller after the election of the purchaser, repair, replacement or refund, and, if the legal requirements-the more claims for reduction or cancellation, and in addition to compensation.
Porto-free returns to the place of business of the seller are only subject to the approval of the seller.
Direct returns to the partner companies are the buyer generally not permitted. Should the purchaser without prior consultation with the seller and the product forward without return number to the partner companies to return, can neither credit nor compensation will be paid.
In exceptional cases, after consultation with the seller of this one return number be issued with the inertia or defective goods directly to the supplier can be sent back.
Further rights of warranty claims, the purchaser has not. Any deficiencies ad entitles the buyer not to recruit or delay the agreed payments. 

9. Place of performance
The place of performance for deliveries and payments, Halle / Saale .




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